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10 Uses Of Kencana You Need To Know

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If we talk about what the benefits of gold or metal are, of course, gold has many benefits for residents. Not only that, the selling price is also quite large, so it becomes the target of many people. Most people only know that large metals are used as planning or investment, while the benefits are much more than that.

So, not only used to make rings, necklaces or bracelets. Want to know what are the exploits of gold in people’s lives? Furthermore, there is a short description of 10 benefits in everyday life. Before discussing what the benefits of gold are, you need to know what the big metal means first.

Major metal is a metal that has a soft transition, yellow pattern, and shiny. Kencana is a chemical factor with molecular number 79 with the icon of the Air Force (AU). The major metals do not react with other chemicals, but chlorine, fluorine, and aqua regia can attack these soft-textured chemicals.

Major metals are obtained from mines, in the form of dredging into the bowels of nature and are only obtained in special areas. In Indonesia, this metal is widely available in Papua, Maluku, Java, and Sumatra. The investigation of the source of this mining energy is carried out by local, national and foreign companies.

Currently, Indonesia is one of the 5 most basic gold-producing countries on earth. Therefore, the application for anom gold is very large to Indonesia, while the processing itself is still quite small.

Kencana Benefits You Need to Know

So far it’s possible you only know that gold can be made of jewelry and indeed 52% of its use as jewelry. Not only that, for some people it is also used as funds because large metals are easy to resell. However, not only these two properties, there are many other benefits. Sort of the next 10 properties:

1. Currency

Before the existence of currency as it is today, ancient people used metal as a tool of change. Ranging from copper, silver, to gold used as a tool to change the ancient people in the form of pieces.

2. Building Coating

What are the other benefits of dating? It is the material covering the outside of the building. Because since ancient times this yellow metal is an icon of wealth, success, and authority.

3. Aircraft Parts

You may not know that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) uses large metals to cover aircraft or engine circuits sent into space. This is due to various natural characteristics, such as resisting radiation, anti-rust, and conducting electricity.

4. Long Time Capital

What are the benefits of gold that are currently attracting people to buy? It is as capital, remembering the costs that continue to be large. The majority of people store it as jewelry, in the form of pieces or bars. Not only that, there are also many banks or other entities that offer this type of fund so that customers can set aside a little money for a little bit.

5. Medicine

Chinese doctors in 2500 BC used a large metal to treat smallpox or other skin diseases. Not only that, the Ancient Romans also used it as a skin ointment. In modern times, the use of large metals is mostly used for medical treatment, such as internal implant problems and infection problems.

6. Computer

Because it is known as a good conductor, large metals are widely used in electronic devices, including PCs. You can make it on a PC chip because it can help with data generation.

7. Cellphone

What are the other benefits of dating? He is the material creator of smart phones. In the cellphone that you are currently using there is a large metal content of at least 50 mg. The benefit is to minimize rust and corrosion.

8. Tooth Stoppers

Various dental problems such as cavities, cavities, uneven teeth or incorrect jaws can be helped to repair using large metals and have been tried since 3000 years later.

9. Various Beauty Products

It could be that you have seen advertisements on tv about beauty products containing golden content. This is because the content in it can stimulate the development of collagen, prevent aging, and others.

10. Food Makeup

Foods with golden toppings are currently popular, for example in the form of leaves, ingredients, and the like. Of course, the cost is quite expensive because it uses edible gold.

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