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5 Best Google Workspace Features to Try

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For Google, google workspace partner indonesia is a complete technology that can allow you and your team to work anywhere and anytime, with almost all Google tools. Then more or less what are the advanced features of this one application? Here are some of the features you can take advantage of in Google Workspace:

1. User Experience Integration

The features offered by Google Workspace are an integrated user experience. That is, this application service can support all types of activity needs online and or work from home.

2. New Security System

Another feature of Google Workspace is the up-to-date security system. Google provides a new and better security system for those of you who want reading and film-based communication platforms to complete some work.

The purpose of having a new system in Google Workspace is to minimize abuse during audit logging and to avoid problems when you are doing a movie conference.

3. Mention Coworkers

The feature carried by Google Workspace is the mention of activity friends feature. As we already know, this feature is very popular in social tools. As a result, Google also uses this feature to generate data related to the contact details of your friends.

4. Review the Deed Without Opening a New Tab

The purpose of the document review feature without opening a recent tab in Google Workspace is to save time when you are conducting online meetings. Moreover, the deed can be edited and made directly in the Google Meet application. The method of using Google Workspace is quite easy, especially for ordinary people though.

5. Apps on Google Workspace

Quoted from the Google support page, there are several bonus features in Google Workspace, namely CRM applications, project management applications, and admin solutions. By using a CRM application, you can combine CRM (Customer Relationship Management) data in various applications.

After that, using a project management application can help you automate tasks. For example, sort of create a project in an automatic way via gmail. Meanwhile, the purpose of the admin solution in Google Workspace is to make it easier for you to manage admins with complete features such as password protection policies and special security information.

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