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6 Best Eating Tips for Guinea Pigs You Should Know

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Guinea pig is one of the rodents that can be kept other than hamsters or guinea pigs. Like other living humans, this Dutch rat also needs a good diet to survive. So, what are the best foods for guinea pigs? There are some interesting facts about the guinea pig.

Even though they have a small body and don’t want a big space, guinea pigs also need to exercise every day. This is to fulfill his scientific desire to then move on. Well, to provide their desire to always move, you need to prepare a larger cage.

Not only that, guinea pigs actually have a greater life value than hamsters. They can live up to 7 years. Back to the issue of food consumption, you can’t carelessly distribute feed to them. There are some foods that are suitable and also not suitable to be given away. on guinea pigs.

1. The Best Food For Guinea Pigs Clean Water

Clean water is a natural desire that means for all living humans, including the guinea pig. To protect the cleanliness and health of the guinea pig, you must provide clean water every day. So that the water situation is always clean, always change the water every day. This is useful for preventing the water from getting dirty and becoming a source of disease for the guinea pig.

Talking about foods that guinea pigs can eat, not a few people ask  can guinea pigs have strawberries To give the guinea pig a drink, you can use a tool such as a ceramic cup or bottle. Well, so that this tool is always clean and fresh. should wash and rinse the cup of water and the bottle at least 2-3 times a day right!

2. The Best Food for Fresh Straw Guinea Pigs

The best food for the next guinea pig is hay or hay. In addition to being nutritious, hay also provides guinea pigs with plenty of activity to chew, which is beneficial for maintaining the health of their teeth. The identity of quality straw is green, dry, and smells fresh and sweet.

There are several types of hay available, but the best for guinea pig nutrition is timothy hay. Timothy hay has a large fiber content which is beneficial for smooth digestion. Not only that, timothy hay also has a small calorie and calcium content. Well, not only timothy, you can also sort out other types of straw such as alfalfa.

However, what needs to be observed, alfalfa hay can only be given to guinea pigs that have very slim body dimensions or are breastfeeding. Why is timothy hay only suitable for guinea pigs with the above criteria? This is because this type of straw has a large content of calcium and calories. If given to a guinea pig outside the above criteria, it may be that they will face obesity.

3. The Best Food For Guinea Pigs Fresh Vegetables

As a herbivore animal, surely the guinea pig is very happy with fresh vegetables. Therefore, share fresh vegetables in small quantities with them 2 times / day. Don’t forget to pick up leftover vegetables before they deteriorate and become disease-fighting.

4. The Best Food For Guinea Pigs Fresh Fruits

Fresh fruits are indeed very popular with many animals, including the guinea pig. However, what you need to know, this one meal can’t be left in the womb that is too late. This is because many fruits contain sugar which can make your guinea pig overweight. Limit the supply of fresh fruit to your guinea pig by giving 1-2 tablespoons of food per kilogram of their body weight.

5. The Best Food For Guinea Pig Vit C

Guinea pigs cannot synthesize vitamin C from their own bodies. Therefore, if it is not prepared by you, the guinea pig will lack vitamin C consumption. Well, this lack of vitamin C can have an adverse effect on the health of the guinea pig. They can face problems such as aggressive hair, lack of appetite, defecation, lethargy, slow injury treatment, and susceptibility to disease.

Consumption of vitamin C can be obtained from fresh fruits or vegetables. If you feel the need, you can give bonus vitamin C in the form of supplements. If you are in doubt, you can discuss with the vet first, right!

6. The Best Food For Guinea Pig Special Feed

Next, the best food for guinea pigs that you can share is a special feed on the market such as afsun. However, before choosing afsun, take a look at some of the standards of afsun that are suitable for guinea pigs. Should be a selection that has a large content of fiber and vitamin C.

Not only that, you must stay away from afsun made from dried fruit. This is because dried fruit has a large calorie content. For the content of the gift, don’t give more than ¼ cup of afsun to the guinea pig right.

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