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6 Strategies to Adjust to the Current Routines of Mining Plants in Indonesia

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Even though the Covid-19 endemic era is running, various mining factory zones in Indonesia are starting to get up and running again. This healing proceeds with the application of strategies to adapt to the latest or new normal routines according to the guidance of the authorities. This adapting policy application is a collaboration between factory actors and policy creators.

Factory activities in mining areas are required to practice health regulations according to the standards instructed by the authorities. On the other hand, the application adapts to the latest routines in the new era, it is natural that it also needs to be monitored. Adapting Mining Factories in Indonesia to Experience the New Normal Furthermore, this is the latest routine strategy for mining factories in the endemic era.

1. Practicing the Health Rules

Investment Consultant Business in Indonesia ~ The application of health regulations is a very common standard that must be followed. In this strategy pattern, all employees of the mining industry must always practice the health rules. For example, using a mask, cleaning hands with soap, using hand sanitizer, and picketing distance or physical distancing.

By implementing health rules in an obedient way, perhaps the formation of the spread of the Covid-19 virus can be reduced to a minimum. The industry needs to deal clearly if there are employees who do not comply with health regulations. For example, share a clear warning or reward.

2. Create a Combined Task

Another common strategy for mining factories in Indonesia is to create a combination of obligations or task forces. This combined obligation carries out the responsive phase and monitors health progress in the endemic era. The creation of a combination of obligations is intended to improve the health and physical endurance of every employee of the mining industry during this endemic era.

3. Work in Rotation System

Work in rotation can be understood like shifts. That is, the mining industry inaugurated a system of activities by means of shifts with the method of sorting employees into several groups of activities. The employee’s situation becomes a meaningful estimate in the group allotment. The work in rotation system application is intended to avoid the presence of groups that increase the risk of spreading the Covid-19 virus.

4. Doing Activities Online

Mining factories in Indonesia also need to adapt to the latest routines in carrying out activities, namely online or online. Meetings or dialogue activities can always run well through the online system. With online activities remotely, the employees concerned can always be in touch.

Meanwhile, signing files can be handled by sending a soft file method. This strategy was tried to overcome the spread of the Covid-19 virus. In order for the application of this strategy to work well, it is necessary to try to exploit technology in the maximum way.

Each employee can talk to each other, either individually or in groups through the exploitation of technology. Internet waivers must also be used to support all professions so that they can be resolved in the maximum way, even online. The mining industry must prioritize employee health.

5. Carry out PCR or Periodic Antigen Swab Test

The mining industry sector in Indonesia also needs to confirm the health situation of employees. Rapid tests intensively in professional areas are useful for checking the health of workers. The mining industry generally tries to cooperate with health facilities to check and monitor the health of employees. One of the implementations is to carry out PCR or antigen swab tests on a regular basis.

6. Control Activities in a Strict Way

In the application of the new natural adaptation pattern, there are changes that need to be tried. The mining industry needs to carry out monitoring of employees starting from the hours of activity, the arrangement of the room, to the arrangement of the activity system. This monitoring aims to create a safe and fresh activity area. That way, all employees can complete their profession in a comfortable and safe way.

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